Thank You

An Open Letter to the Community

Welcome to Wishard's next 150 years! Thank you for making this possible!

On Nov. 3, 2009 Marion County voters agreed that Wishard's role in Indiana is singular, vast and indispensable and decided with each ballot cast that Wishard shall continue to serve central Indiana.

With deepest gratitude, we thank everyone who stood with Wishard. We are grateful for an historic level of endorsements from leaders of all stripes, for unbelievable community support, and most importantly for every ballot cast in favor of this project.

For information about the project to construct the new Wishard - a hospital for all of Indianapolis - visit

Anyone at any time might need Wishard's life-saving services - the hospital is the health care destination of choice when life is on the line and every minute counts. With critical resources, such as one of only two adult Level I Trauma Centers in the state, Indiana's busiest emergency department, the state's only psychiatric emergency department and the region's only adult burn center, Wishard has earned a reputation for providing critical care for central Indiana's most traumatic injuries.

But Wishard's impact stretches well beyond the miraculous medical care it provides. Nationwide, we face a critical shortage of physicians and nurses. In our state, Wishard is the backbone of the state's system for educating the next generation of advanced care providers, giving them an opportunity to learn life-saving skills in the field.

You may not know that Wishard is also a center for research. Hundreds of clinical trials at Wishard are paving the way for more effective and efficient delivery of medical care not only for our patients, but for the public at large.

Moreover, we are one of the five largest safety-net health care systems in the country, and the state's largest provider of indigent primary care, specialty care, mental health services and low-cost pharmaceuticals. Through our community-based health programs, we have improved outcomes for vulnerable Hoosiers while reducing costs. Ultimately, these efforts have helped us become an absolutely efficient, low-cost, innovative provider of care.

Wishard's model focuses like a laser on primary and preventive care in order to get ahead of illness. Wishard's stewardship makes us a place where quality is extremely high and cost is low. But beyond this, Wishard also contributes to the vitality of Indiana's life sciences and supports the fiscal health and sustainability of Indiana with $1.2 billion in annual economic impact.

In essence, Wishard is health care reform. Wishard has developed a system that is a model for the future. Focusing on prevention, efficiency, cost effectiveness and a sustainable business model, Wishard has met its challenges head-on.

Before today, Wishard was tasked with finding a solution that would allow this historic health care institution to continue to fulfill its critical role in the central Indiana community. Many of Wishard's buildings needed to provide life-saving care cannot be renovated to accommodate the equipment and utilities standard in a modern hospital. Architectural and engineering studies determined there is no option to renovate the current Wishard facilities.

Throughout this Web site, we will not only highlight the ways we provide a safety net to the region, we will also discuss the need for new, efficient facilities - to be completed with no property tax increase - that will allow us to continue that support for the next 150 years.

Our plan was approved on Nov. 3 by Marion County voters. With this passage, Wishard's next 150 years begin now. Thank you to all who have supported and continue to support Wishard Hospital.

Matthew Gutwein, Director and Dr. Lisa Harris, President and CEO